Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet the Stone's

So here is my attempt to capture our lives in a weekly blog...we'll see how successful I am.  As more and more of my friends have blogs, it has inspired me to start one for our family.  So here it goes...

Jeff works and I stay at home, and I love this arrangement.  Here are some things we love: the Dallas Stars, Houlihan's, Hibiscus, The Office, spending time with other couples, traveling, and date nights (though the last is pretty rare because of our little munchkin). Jeff enjoys: Harley Davidson motorcycles, hunting, collecting guns, World of Warcraft, and typical guy tv shows.  I enjoy: reading, making photo books, scrapbooking (though I'm a newbie at this), trashy tv shows (I know it's pathetic), and anything that has to do with Olivia.  Staying home isn't always easy-peasy, but I love taking care of Olivia and being there for many of her milestones.

Jeff and I welcomed Olivia into our lives in March.  She is an absolute doll and we are so happy to be her parents.  She can definitely be a challenge at times, but we are finally getting the hang of things.  Her newest accomplishments include sleeping through the night, laughing, rolling over, and eating rice cereal.  We treat each accomplishment like it's the coolest thing we have ever seen!  

So far this summer she has been to the Fort Worth Zoo, the Dallas World Aquarium, and Moody Gardens.  Olivia has also had numerous play-dates and met new friends.  We have taken her swimming and she loves the water, especially her Nana's pool.  We are looking forward to her getting older so we can take her on some fun outings.  

So that's us!  I'll try posting again next week!

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  1. yay!!! you did it! :) so glad i can follow along now!!